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It’s Johnny’s birthday, and he deserves some new toys!

Love is in the air in Ann’s loft apartment! Medical student Ann is crazy about her lovely cockatoo, Johnny. It’s nearly his birthday, and Ann has no intention of letting it pass quietly. It’s time for some new climbing toys!

 “Johnny and I have a really strong bond, I can’t imagine life without him”, says Ann. “Although I have to admit, he is not a pet for beginners. He likes to get his own way. But I have always been consistent with him, which is important. And so is the right birthday present…”

‘Love is in the air’

Always in the mood for an adventure

Cockatoos love to explore. Unfortunately, they can also be quite destructive. “That’s why I have to keep Johnny in his cage most of the time. But that can cause cockatoos to get bored and then they squawk for hours – even more than usual (laughs). I do everything I can to make sure Johnny doesn’t get bored, even during the many hours when I am away at classes.”

Perfect antidote to boredom

That’s why Ann is hanging some new climbing toys in Johnny’s cage for his birthday. “They’re all made from natural materials, so my darling can safely chew and clamber to his heart’s content.” Of course, Johnny’s party has to end with a crazy selfie. After all, that’s what cockatoos like best – having a laugh together! ?

‘Love is in the air’
“A few new climbing toys keep my cockatoo entertained.”
Great love
Happy Birthday Johnny
Handsome man
Happy Birthday Johnny_2