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Jules and Jim put the love in love bird

Colourful lovebirds, who could possibly not like them? Tom and Ingrid were also unable to resist these affectionate little birds. Therefore, they have recently become the owners of Jules and Jim, a happy, noisy couple.

A few months ago, we found an exhausted love bird in the park. We brought it to the vet, but we actually wanted to keep it. This is why we recently purchased a couple, Ingrid says. Jules and Jim, named after Truffaut’s famous French film.

Jules & Jim

One is the loneliest number

Lovebirds earned their name: they are usually exceptionally sociable. This is why we purchased two right away. Together, so they would not consider each other to be an intruder, Tom continues.

Busy beasts

With Jules and Jim, life is certainly never boring. The love birds rarely stay still, Ingrid smiles. It is better to purchase a sturdy cage, since they tend to bite it. Their home should be high too, they love to climb. The owners have placed a small bath at the bottom, because love birds are very clean. There is a saucer with bird feed in the other corner, and a drinking fountain was put up. The bedding of the cage is a layer of shell-enriched sand, so it is easy to clean the home of our feathered friends.

Ingrid lovebird eigenaar
Jules and Jim do not only love each other, but also my company. After all, I always work from home, Ingrid on moving
Lovebirds koppel
Love birds