duvoplus Story

Just flapping and chirping: heaven!

One might not connect pigeon keeping to someone in their thirties, especially not to a young mother. But Anna does not mind. Amongst her beautiful flying animals, she is able to relax after a busy day.

A few years ago, it almost all became too much: a demanding job, a busy social life… until we moved and I found the best remedy for stress through my new neighbours: pigeon keeping. When I feed my animals, or clean the cage, I forget about the busy world.

Pépé André, de prijsduif van Anna!

Sometimes very exciting too

Every now and then the pigeons do not calm Anna down at all. Since a few years, she has started to compete, without overdoing it. The birds win when they come home with the highest average speed. And often, to my great joy, that is the case.

In top shape

To reach top speeds up to more than 100 km/h, it is important that the pigeons ingest sufficient vitamins and minerals. Amongst other uses, these will strengthen their bones. This is the way I put up multiple pecking stones in the cage. It is great to see them eating them after flying around, Anna smiles.

Anne, een moderne duivenmelker
Thanks to the pecking stones, my pigeons do not look for minerals in the fields. In this manner, I can keep the farmers in the neighbourhood happy as well.
Pigeons bring peace
Pépé André
Prize pigeon