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Karla is so Lucky with her new rabbit!

Becoming a teenager is a big milestone. When Karla blew out 10 candles, she was given a special gift: cute bunny rabbit Lucky (are there unlucky ones?). It was love at first sight.

It is a big responsibility to take care of an animal. But Karla was ready. She read about what this entails, online, and also from a good manual. Karla: My parents were afraid I would lose interest after a few weeks, but I love Lucky too much for that.

Lucky het konijn
Karla haar eerste konijn
Lucky needs to be trained a bit more, for example about what he is and is not allowed to bite. But luckily, rabbits are fast learners!

Great nurse

Of course, Lucy is given nourishing dry food and clean water every day, supplemented with a carrot every now and then in a funny vegetable holder. Besides this, I clean the cage every week, with a layer of hemp on the bottom and nice straw on top.

Perfect means against boredom

Karla is very busy: she goes to school every day and returns with a lot of homework. Lucky is therefore often alone in his cage, although he is allowed to run around on the grass in his pen in the evening. To prevent my friend from being bored, I got him a snack ball filled with hay. It is so much fun to watch Lucky play with it, his owner laughs happily.

Lucky konijn
konijn lucky in gras