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The kittens can scratch as much as they like!

Els and Peter and their cat Mientje are the ‘parents’ of a few newborn kittens. Great news, but of course, the kittens are very playful and up to no good, and they scratch the curtains sometimes.

The couple loves cats and ample space; they will therefore not sell the kittens, but keep them themselves. But under one condition, Els says, we need to teach them to stop scratching the curtains and furniture.

mama poes en kitten

Looking for a remedy

Els was looking for a solution on the internet. Many owners use a plant spray. When the kitten tries to scratch, they spray water in the animal’s direction. Obviously, the little cats hate that.

Scratching paradise wanted

Els mostly wanted to offer the kitten a nicer alternative: a cool scratching post. Apparently, they come in all colours and sizes, from a simple tall model, to types with a toy, or scratching posts with multiple stories. In the end, I chose the latter. I spray it with catnip every week. This is a non-addictive product that makes the scratching post irresistible for cats.

Peter en kat
The cute kittens are able to try out their little nails to their hearts’ content on the new scratching post.
jonge kitten
2 kittens