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Kiwi and Mango, a pair of toddlers in the house

Fiona is only twelve, but she already knows that she wants to be a vet. Every book she buys or is given is about animals. And now she can put her knowledge into practice:  cockatiels Kiwi and Mango have recently joined the family.

Her mother Claudine was not immediately convinced when Fiona wanted to introduce two cockatiels into the house. “Mum was afraid that they would make too much noise and make the house messy. But I promised that I would take care of Kiwi and Mango.” And Fiona takes that promise very seriously. 


Foto Kiwi en Fiona
“Cockatiels can live to be twenty. So it’s important to have a good relationship with them.
Foto Kiwi


After looking around, the family found a pair of cockatiels. And even Claudine fell for the two lively birds. “Kiwi and Mango are very sociable, and I was amazed at how easy it is to train them. I never imagined that a bird could play hide-and-seek! Fiona is growing up, but now it’s as if I still had two toddlers in the house.”

Best friends

When Fiona gets back from school, she does her homework straight away, so that she can quickly move on to looking after the birds. “Cockatiels demand a lot of attention. Fortunately, there are two of them and they’re best friends. During the day they play with each other and with their cool playground. But during the evenings I try to teach them new tricks. Now they can already whistle Happy birthday to you!”