duvoplus Story

Long workdays...

Hannes graduated in banking and insurances a few years ago, and he kept his job at the bank that gave him his internship. Because he was looking for a new challenge, he recently changed jobs. He is giving his full 100% to make a good impression, and he hopes to get promoted soon. Because of this, he often makes long hours at the office, and he has less and less time for his Labrador, Larry, which was a gift from his parents for his 16th birthday.

Because of this, it happens more and more often that he comes home to a mess that Larry made.

Larry verveelte zich
What a mess!

Foobler to the rescue!!!

Hannes considered his options, but a carer for his dog was too expensive for him, and his parents live too far away to visit Larry every day. Then he discovered someone does not need to necessarily be around to entertain Larry, thanks to duvoplus’s Activity Toys. He bought a Foobler, which allows his dog to play with it to get rewards for up to 9 hours. Larry is in a much better mood now, and no longer gets up to mischief. A pleased dog and a happy master, 2 birds with one stone!

I used to have a 9 to 5 job, and I had all the time in the world to go for walks with Larry or play frisbee with him. However, now I have to work until late, and I have no time in the evening to go for a walk with Larry.