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Longing for the sound of chirping…

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In Luc and Eva's back garden in the provincial town of Tielt, it is wonderfully peaceful. Though sometimes, admittedly, it is a bit too peaceful. The couple are longing to hear more birdsong, and decided to make a very effective purchase to encourage this. 

Luc and Eva both work in the area around Tielt in the province of West Flanders. So, when a house came up for sale in the middle of town, they put in an offer. "We love living here. There are lots of shops in our neighbourhood, yet it's still peaceful", says Eva. The only thing is, sometimes it can be a bit too peaceful...

"We are hoping that the bird feeder house will attract birds from the nearby park."

Peace in the shade of the church spire

Luc and Eva's house is on a traffic-free street in the shadow of a church. The house has a lovely back garden, but it is surrounded by walls and has no big trees in it. "We don't see - or hear - many birds here. That's something we'd like to change."

A bird paradise

"This winter, we bought a lovely feeding house with a roof  to keep the food protected from the rain. We're hoping that it will attract birds from the local park into our garden. Who knows, maybe soon we will be waking up to the sound of happy birdsong?" muses Luc. 

Verlangen naar getsjilp …
Verlangen naar getsjilp …