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The love between Karen and Lia deserves something special!

As a happy single, Karen lives her life in her own, unique way, enjoying every minute of it. But always with her cocker spaniel Lia at her side. The two are truly inseparable.

Karen got Lia five years ago as a puppy, and she was instantly smitten. She is a very affectionate dog that follows me around everywhere. But she is also a guard dog when we’re watching television together in the evening. I cannot picture my life without Lia.

Lia Cocker Spaniël
Lia the Cocker Spaniël

A year older soon…

In a few weeks, Lia will be six years old already. This is why I wanted to give her a special birthday present. I went shopping and contemplated, amongst other things, a trendy grey leather collar, or a lead that was just as fashionable.

Beautiful and handy

In the end, Karen chose the perfect present for Lia: a harness made of black faux leather with a Swarovski crystal inlay. She will not only look stunning with this. The harness will also make sure that Lia will not choke herself, because she always runs ahead of me very enthusiastically, Karen laughs.

Lia en Karen
Thanks to the beautiful harness, Lia no longer chokes herself when she’s enthusiastically walking in front of me.
cadeau hond Lia
Little gift for Lia
hond Lia