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Male cat Melchior opens hunting season!

Jacques and Agnese recently moved to a nice flat with a beautiful vintage interior in a quiet residential area in Leuven. Together with Melchior, their nice cat, they enjoy living there. However, he was bored sometimes, since he has to stay indoors more often.

We used to live in a rural area, in nature, Agnese says. It was beautiful, but it was not always easy. Thus, All shops were located far away. In this area of the city we found the ideal combination of peace and proximity. And we fell in love instantly when we saw the flat.

Melchior verveelt zich

Indoors, a safe environment

The couple’s male cat did also move with them without any problems, which is not always the case. But we are keeping Melchior more indoors now. It is still a big city, and we are afraid of losing him when he wanders off too far during one of his escapades.

Move, move!

This does cause the cat to exercise less, and sometimes he can be bored. This is why we purchased an interactive toy, wrapped in sisal fibres and feathers. When Melchior hunts and scratches it, the toy often drops a treat. Therefore, he plays with it a lot, to his and our delight!

Melchior close up
I am very pleased that Melchior has become a bit more active since we bought his toy.
Melchior de kat
Melchior de kat