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The Maltese dogs of cleaner Agnes, Jin and Jang, make a mess at home

As a cleaner, Agnes has long days at work, but when she comes home, she needs to get back to work straight away to clean the mess her two Maltese dogs, Jin and Jang, have made.

Agnes often has to leave her two furry friends, Jin and Jang, home alone when she goes out cleaning. But the brothers are not bored during the day, and it often happens that they tip over their food and water bowls whilst playing. This result is, more cleaning for Agnes when she comes home tired.

hondenvoer op de grond
Agnes de poetsvrouw
My daughter drops by every afternoon to feed Jin and Jang, but by the time I come back home from work in the evening, there is more food next to their bowls than inside them, and their water bowl is often upside down.

A sturdy and stable feeding station to prevent more cleaning work

A dog will never be able to eat as neatly as a human, but one can lend their pet a hand (or paw?) by attaching their food and water bowls at a pleasant height. This is possible with a feeding station with adjustable height for any dog. The duvoplus feeding stations with H leg are a perfect example of this, and offer the extra benefit of sturdiness and stability. In combination with the non-slip mounts, they offer an optimal eating experience for your dog. Jin and Jang can easily reach their food and water, and Agnes now only has to worry about dog hair on the floor.

Malteser 1
Malteser 2