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Maria rather keeps her cat Mientje indoors, but prefers the smell of the litter box to be outdoors

Mientje is Maria’s favourite cat, and therefore her owner prefers to keep this spoiled feline indoors in her apartment. The only downside is of course the smelly litter box...

Each owner wants to have their favourite animal near them as much as possible, and in the case of Maria and Mientje there is no exception. As a single widow, Maria enjoys the company of her cat and she could not imagine life without her.

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Limit odours with a covered litter box and pleasantly scented cat litter

We would like to recommend Maria to purchase a litter box that can be completely sealed off. Odours are therefore trapped in the litter box, and Mientje can do her business in privacy. Furthermore, scented cat litter can be used in the litter box to avoid unpleasant odours. In the range of duvoplus, she can for example, choose from scents such as apple, lavender or baby powder. These solutions will make sure Maria does not need to worry about bad smells from her cat anymore, and Mientje can do her business in privacy.


I love my Mientje to bits, and she feels very much at home in our apartment. The fact that I share this small living space with my cat, however has the only disadvantage that I am often bothered by odours from her litter box. Letting Mientje go outside is not an option for me because I have no backyard, therefore I wonder if there are no other solutions.
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