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Meet Branco, Nel’s cuddly cat

Dogs are affectionate, cats are standoffish? If that’s the rule, Branco is the exception.

It’s sometimes true that dogs are affectionate and cats are standoffish. But sometimes it isn’t. If that’s the rule, Branco is the exception. When his guardian Nel comes home in the evening, he’s always waiting at the front door. And then it’s time for cuddles.

Nel remembers how the sturdy Branco came into her life. “During my lunch hour a colleague told me that her cat was pregnant. She was looking for homes for the kittens. Normally speaking, you have to neuter your cat in Flanders, but my colleague was a recognised hobby breeder. So I was all ears, I missed having a pet.”


“A colleague was looking for homes for her cats. So I was all ears, I missed having a pet.”
De stoere Branco samen met zijn baasje Nel!

Enthusiastic toilet-user

“Branco is indoors a lot, but he’s perfectly housetrained,” Nel explains, “thanks to an accessible, regularly cleaned litter tray and the right litter.  He prefers to use a fine litter. In the beginning he had the unpleasant habit of covering his doings too enthusiastically. Eventually there’d be more litter outside the tray than in it!”



The perfect cat in the making

With his tail in the air, Branco weaves around Nel’s legs while she fills his feeding bowl with kibble. He starts to nibble it greedily. “Fortunately I found an easy solution to his boisterous scratching after he’d used the tray by installing a litter tray mat in front of it. If he could just learn not to spray his food around while he’s eating it, he would be the perfect cat.”

De enthousiaste Branco