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Meet Gust, the ferret: a challenge to keep him, but very funny!

At the end of September, Sofie’s life headed in a new direction: she started studying law at the university of Ghent, living in a student room near the faculty. Besides this, she became the owner of Gust, a very funny ferret. He is not suitable for just anyone, but Sofie is an expert.

During her entire childhood, the girl helped her parents to take care of their many pets, on the farm in Aarsele, in the West of Flanders. But she also has a strong sense of justice, and therefore she wanted to study law at UGent. But she would miss the company of animals living in a student room. Or would she?

Gust de Fret

For experts

When Sofie found a student room in May, the owner agreed that she could keep a ferret. A serious challenge. Gust is a young animal and therefore has a lot of spare energy and needs to be trained, so, for example he will not bite. But he is also very funny, alert and curious. Therefore, it is worth it!

According to the rules of the art

Gust is perfectly homed: It is important to have a big, sturdy cage, because he does not sit still (laughs). Besides this, we provided a feeding bowl and water bottle holder, we already had a water bottle. Ferrets do not need bedding, he sleeps in his bed or a dark sleeping box, because, believe it or not: he actually does sleep sometimes, Sofie winks.

Sofie eigenaar fret
Gust needs to be trained, roam around freely two hours a day, and will never fully listen as is expected from a ferret… But he is also very sweet and cute!
Gust de fret slaperig
Gust de fret buiten