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Meet Klara and Martine, our clucking friends

More and more people are keeping chickens again. They do so for the same reasons that we have been doing that for centuries: the birds are happy to eat the leftovers from our kitchens, and offer us treats in return. Klaas and Johan, who recently got married, are all for chickens as well.

When we visited our new mansion in the heart of Ghent for the first time with a broker all these months ago, we fantasised about it: a nice backyard needs chickens, Klaas smiled. And now Klara and Martine are roaming around pleasantly.

kippen klara en martine
Klara & Martine

Far less rubbish

Johan just cooked ratatouille. The vegetable waste is not simply binned, but given to our feathered friends. This is how I make them happy, I decrease the amount of rubbish, and I save on bin bags. And who knows, I might find an egg as a thank you tomorrow, he laughs. A great relationship!

Relatively little maintenance

Both gentlemen have a busy job, and therefore they cannot look after their chickens during the day. We therefore picked a sturdy hen house . Besides this, we purchased a water dispenser and bird feeder both galvanised, so they will never go hungry or thirsty, Klaas says. And last but not least, we also bought some fake egg, his husband laughs, to help the natural process a bit, if you catch my drift.

Klaas kippenhouder
Thanks to the sturdy hutch, the water bottle, and the feeder, our chickens have everything they need when we are at work
Klara de kip
Martine de kip