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No more uncomfortable car trips thanks to the Transport Box

Guinea pigs are active pets that need relatively little maintenance. But of course, even guinea pigs need trips to the vet every now and then. This caused problems in Laurent’s (14) household, because they could not easily take their guinea pig Max with them in the car.

Our family loves animals. After a dog, cat, and fish, my parents got me a white guinea pig. My guinea pig Max is a very happy guinea pig that often plays in his cage. After a while, he developed eye problems. Max had to be transported to the vet a couple of times, but we did not have a safe manner of transportation for him. We tried to put him in a cardboard box, but Max was very nervous in the box and it would be easy for him to escape. With my parents, I purchased the duvoplus transport box for Max. Ever since then, trips to the vet are hassle-free. Max always walks to his box confidently, and stays there calmly and safely.

cavia max
Max the guinea pig
Since we have the Transport Box, we can take Max to the vet quickly and safely. He is comfortable, and so are we. Furthermore, the box is easy to use and looks nice too.