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Nothing is more peaceful than looking out the window with my binoculars!

Eric (57) and Rosa (56) had a chain of shops that sold Southern delicacies, and they sold their small company. They exchanged their apartment in the city for a house outside the city. Now they have a backyard, and they never want to look back. They got a new hobby as well. Rosa loves growing a wide selection of herbs and flowers in the backyard, Erik enjoys bird watching.

I grew up in the countryside and I missed the birds singing when I got up in the morning, and the green surroundings to relax in. Luckily Rosa felt the same way, and we bought a beautiful house outside the city with a big backyard, in which, if the weather permits it, we hang out every day.

Eric met verrekijker
Rosa met bloemen
To lure more birds to our backyard, Erik bought a few bird feeders and nesting boxes. Now he will not put down his binoculars in the morning.