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Our young Bill suffers from growing pains because of his teeth

Together with their young kids, Ann and Bart dreamt of getting a dog for a long time. They picked Bill, a young and playful Labrador, from the shelter. A lovely dog, and an ideal playmate fro their kids. But lately, he is suffering from growing pains because of his teeth.

Ann and Bart’s family have a large, green backyard in which their Labrador can enjoy himself. He plays with the kids for ours, following the ball around. But lately, he has been destroying some toys with his teeth.

Puppy Bill
Labrador Bill

New teeth coming through

We were, however slightly worried about Bill’s behaviour. During a visit to the vet, we asked for an explanation, An says. He assured us soon enough that our dog is simply growing. His new teeth are coming in, and slowly but surely his first baby teeth will be pushed out.

Gnawing to your heart’s content

To soothe their darling’s growing pains, Ann and Bart bought a firm cotton braided rope. Bill can bite it when necessary. This toy is available in many different sizes. We bought him a slightly bigger one, so he can enjoy it for a long time. The rope also cleans his adult teeth, which is also helpful.

Bill met zijn baasje
The reason why our young Bill bites everything is simple, his adult teeth are coming through and pushing out his baby teeth.
Bill de puppy
After playing it is time for a nap
Vrolijke Bill