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Parakeets with ambitions to join the circus

parkieten met circusambitie

It's not always simple for young couples who have just moved in together. They might find out about each other's weird habits, but that's not the problem - as they say, love is blind. No, the problem is that many rental contracts specify 'no pets'.

Jonas and Sarah have only been living together for about a year. But the couple had a good feeling straight away that it would work out. "It's not only because we love spending time together; we also share many of the same interests. We both absolutely adore animals."

Feathered pets, too!

The young couple couldn't wait to get a few pets. But unfortunately, their estate agent pointed out that four-legged friends were not permitted in the rented accommodation. "Birds and fish were no problem, though", adds Sarah. "That's why we chose to get two budgerigars. I have to admit, they do sometimes make a bit of a racket. But they are really playful and 

Hours of fun guaranteed!

Because we are both out at work all day, we decided to get two birds. Parakeets are sociable animals and soon get bored if they are left alone. We bought them some climbing toys to make sure that they would have lots of fun. They climb all over them just like acrobats in the circus!"

"Parakeets are naturally sociable animals. That's why we decided to get two. Luckily, they soon became best buddies."
Parkieten met circusambities!
Parkieten met circusambities!