duvoplus Story

Pecking chickens

Every time Angelique wants to feed her three chickens, her feathery friends are always behaving very aggressively. She hopes she can solve this by purchasing a bigger pen.

For a short while, Angelique has been keeping three chickens in a pen at the far end of her backyard. She is very happy with her chickens because they gladly eat all the leftovers from the kitchen, and because they give eggs in return sometimes. Sadly, the love is not exactly Mutual.

pikkende kip
Chickens love space

Calm chickens in a relaxing pen

After doing some research, Angelique finds what she is looking for in the wide range of duvoplus hen houses and pens. The Woodland Chicken Coop Ark 2 offers enough space for three chickens, and it is provided with a laying tray and 2 perches. In this luxurious pen, Angelique’s chickens will surely be able to relax, and Angelique will be able to save her ankles from a lot of pain.

Angelique en haar kip
My chickens are always very nervous, and even aggressive when I open their pen. Every time I feed them, they focus on me and my ankles, and peck around crazily. The poor animals are probably stressed because they do not have sufficient space. This is why I am thinking about getting them a bigger pen, so they can walk around more freely.