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Pets in the nursing home

Philippe, the manager of housing and care centre the Ceder would like to brighten the lives of the senior residents of the housing facility with a new pet project. When Philippe walks around the Ceder and talks to its residents, one thing always becomes clear. Every time a past pet is discussed, people seem happier.

For that reason, Philippe in the Ceder has created a new pet project. There is now a Woodland rabbit hutch in the courtyard, and two bunnies live there, which people can see hopping about during their walk. There are also a guinea pig and two hamsters living in their cages in the recreation room. Every now and then they visit the residence that have trouble walking and therefore cannot go to the yard or recreation room themselves.

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The benefits of a pet in a nursing home

Animals in nursing homes do not only offer support with their company, but also form a distraction from disease and discomfort, they provide fun and make people more active. They even have a positive effect on people who suffer from dementia. They become more social, less lonely, and show fewer problem behaviours.

The project can be recommended

I would recommend this project to any nursing home. It requires some investments, but the quality of life of the residents increases significantly, which will make it worth it.

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The free contact with animals often brings back memories for the residents. For example, they tell stories from their childhood about their own past pets. To see or pet the animals usually triggers these memories, and the company also means a lot to the residents.