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Running together along a wet beach: sheer heaven

Border collies are wonderful dogs, but they are not suitable for every household. "They need lots of space and you need to spend time playing with them and training them…", says Peter, proud owner of Thunder. "But what you get in return is a great deal of love and friendship."

Samen rennen op het natte strand: hemels

Border Collies are bred to herd sheep, which means they are very intelligent working dogs, who can walk many miles. But if they don't have enough to do, they become bored quickly. "That's why I spend so many hours with Thunder. We also train with a club every Saturday", explains Peter.

Bracing sea air

Peter and Thunder often go to the seaside on Sunday afternoons. "We live quite close to De Haan, which is ideal for taking long walks along the beach, especially during winter and autumn, when it's usually deserted. Just the rustling wind and the salty sea air - bliss!"

Samen rennen op het natte strand: hemels
"If you decide to get a Border Collie, you are taking on a big commitment. Thunder needs a lot of my time. But he also gives me a lot of love in return."

Time for a frolic on the beach!

When Peter throws Thunder's toys the dog is after them in a flash. He loves nothing more than tearing about. "I always take a few sturdy, floating toys in my backpack", laughs Peter. And there goes the toy again, flying through the air with Thunder in hot pursuit as we continue to make our way along the beach... It's nearly time to stop for a coffee.

Samen rennen op het natte strand: hemels
Move & Play
Samen rennen op het natte strand: hemels
Running on the beach