duvoplus Story

Saartje’s parakeets live in an aviary together, but they do not get along at all

Saartje is desperate because her parakeets are very aggressive towards each other. Therefore, she decides to visit bird expert Hans Pieters, and she hopes he can give her some tips.

Overpopulation always causes problems with parakeets, and Saartje’s are no different. With the five of them, they live in a cage, and this causes some struggles. Saartje would rather keep all of her parakeets, and therefore she asks Hans what she could do.

parkieten in groep
vogeldeskundige Hans
When creating a social aviary, it is of the utmost importantance that the birds can live together in harmony. Because some bird species can act rather aggressively towards other birds. To prevent this, it is important that the birds have sufficient space.

Happy birds in a spacious aviary

The best solution for Saartje is to purchase a new, large aviary first of all. The range Woodland aviaries of duvoplus will offer a new home for Saartje’s feathered friends, in which they have ample space to not be in each other's way. Her best choice would be the Woodland aviary hexagon cottage, which is big enough to accommodate up to 7 birds. Therefore, there will be enough space to turn these bickering birds into peaceful parakeets.