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In seventh heaven with her divine Burmese

Nico and Anne-Laure’s tenth wedding anniversary didn’t pass by unnoticed. To Anne-Laure’s utter astonishment, Nico presented her that evening with a small box... that meowed. “I literally cried with joy,” she remembers.

“Anne-Laure and I have no children,” explains Nico, “and she’d recently mentioned that she would really like a cat or a dog. To surprise her, I went in search - our tenth anniversary seemed like the ideal occasion. For a long while I didn’t know whether it would be a dog or a cat. Until I discovered that a local breeder of divine Burmese had a litter.”

quandi 1

Falling on your feet

Little Quandi came from one loving home to another. “I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first saw him,” says Anne-Laure, smiling. “Quandi is indescribably beautiful. He’s the cutest and sweetest ball of fluff that you can imagine.  It really was love at first sight.   I’m not really a fan of buying pets as presents, but I’m so grateful that he’s here.”

Part of the family

And how is it going, having a cat in the house? “We’ve only had him for a couple of weeks, but already I can hardly imagine things without him. He felt at home really quickly. Oddly enough, in the beginning he sometimes did his business on the carpet. But we soon realised why: the litter tray was next to the washing machine, which makes scary noises. Once the tray was in a quieter place, the problem was solved. And the smell in the carpet? We got rid of that easily thanks to a spray. Forgiven and forgotten.”

Quandi 2