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Simba and me: inseparable

Johan confirms exactly what you’ll often hear: Labradors really are very friendly dogs. Johan and his faithful companion Simba have been best friends ever since he adopted his dog. But recently things weren’t going so well for Johan’s treasure.

“Simba and me? We’re inseparable,” Johan stresses. “Although I have a busy job and often get home late, I’ve still made lots of time to play outside with Simba since I adopted him from the shelter. It’s great fun to run together!”


Mysterious scratching

However, just recently Johan was a bit worried about Simba. “Our treasure was scratching himself an awful lot, and after a bit he started to chew his own coat. Was he perhaps troubled by fleas? Or was there something else going on? So, we asked the vet. It seemed that Simba has a food allergy.”


“Our dog was scratching a lot, but we didn’t understand why.”


Change of diet

The allergy led to skin problems and itching. “That’s why my poor little chap was scratching so much,” he says, hugging his dog. But happily, the solution was fairly simple. We switched Simba to a feed with lamb and rice. Apparently these two ingredients help stop allergic reactions. And it’s really tasty too, you can see that every day!”