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Small, but oh, so brave!

hamster op hand

During the daytime, you might swear that hamster Blondie's cage was empty. But, come nightfall, everything changes and all of a sudden - much to the delight of owner Maaike - it's party time. That's when it's clear to see that Blondie has had enough of relaxing...

Sometimes, Maaike's hamster is also active during the day, if Maaike encourages him. But Blondie, like all hamsters, is usually active at dusk and night. You won't see much of them during the daytime.

Re-charge your batteries

During the day, Blondie is usually asleep, buried deep inside a nest of soft, fragrant hay with dandelion on absorbent hemp bedding. Or you might find him snoozing in the dark, wooden house  which Maaike bought for her beloved pet. But he has no intention of hibernating...

"My hamster Blondie is bursting with energy every evening!"

There's no stopping him!

Every night, it's party-time in Blondie's cage . "First, he scrabbles around in his food dish. The food goes all over the place, but I don’t mind clearing it up", says Maaike. "Then he gets going with his daily record-attempt in his wheel, or climbs along the bars of his spacious cage from one level to another. Our hamster puts on a show for us every day. It's great!"

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