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Steven wants his greyhound, Jenna, to be safe in traffic too

Steven, who runs marathons, often goes for runs with his greyhound, Jenna. Because they also go for runs at night, Steven is a little worried about his running buddy being visible on open roads.

Jenna is always jumping for joy when Steven is putting on his running clothes and takes out the lead for an evening training. But Steven does not always feel comfortable going out with his dog, especially not in the dark.

Steven met windhond Jenna
Strong bond

Visible and safe in traffic with the Seecurity leashes and safety jackets

To make your dog more visible in traffic, a fluorescent jacket or illuminated lead is needed first and foremost. With the sporty range of SEEcurity, your dog can be made visible in traffic, without it being bothered by this in any way. This handy equipment makes your dog optimally visible up to a distance of 500 meters, even in the dark. Because of its durable quality and sporty nature, these fluorescent leads and jackets are the perfect outfit for your sporty dog. Steven can walk on the road confidently and Jenna will turn lots of heads with her new sparkling outfit.

During the preparations for my next marathon, Jenna is a big support: without her, I would be less likely to put on my running shoes every day. But sometimes I am a little scared of being in traffic with her, because she is often not seen by drivers.