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There's nothing quite as delicious as fresh grass in the spring sunshine

Young Laura's rabbit, Leia, can usually be found hopping happily around her cage. But when the weather is good and Laura is not at school, her pet is likely to be even happier, because that means it's time for an outing to a lovely green place…

Keeping pets when you live in an apartment? It's tricky, but not impossible. "My mum and dad did let me get a rabbit", beams Laura. "I look after Leia really carefully, making sure she stays healthy and the house stays clean. However, I don't want her to be stuck in her cage all day long..."

Niets zo lekker als vers gras, in een lentezonnetje
Leia the bunny

A hop around outside

Leia gets plenty of opportunities to get out in the fresh air. Behind the large mansion where Laura and her parents have an apartment, there is a beautiful communal garden, encircled by whitewashed walls, which is enjoyed by all the residents, including the furry rodent ones.

"Leia is crazy about fresh grass, which is great because it's packed full of fibre that is very healthy for rabbits."

Sniffing around in the fresh grass

"Of course, I can't just let Leia loose", laughs Laura. "Mum and I bought her a mobile metal run. I put it down in a spot where there is plenty of fresh, juicy grass. Leia loves grass, and it's full of healthy fibre, too!" Meanwhile, Laura likes to lie in the sun with a good science fiction novel...

Niets zo lekker als vers gras
Tasty carrot