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Tommy (10 years old) would like to see some more squirrels in his backyard to study them

Sometimes, red squirrels can be found in Tommy’s backyards, but he would like to see more of them to study them up close.

Tommy often plays in the backyard, and he likes to study all the small animals there. His favourites are the squirrels, which can sometimes be found in the great oak on the far end of the backyard. Because his mum does not allow him to keep one as a pet, Tommy wants to turn the backyard into a nice home for the small critters.

eekhoorn in tuin
Tommy is fascinated by squirrels

A new home for Tommy’s squirrels

Thanks to the squirrel feeding house and home by duvoplus in Tommy's backyard, the squirrels come out more often now. Tommy can feed them himself now as well, and watch them from close-by. But it is mostly his mum who is relieved that she did not need to get a pet squirrel...

kind en eekhoorn
I love watching the squirrels in the backyard, and I wish they came down from the tree more often so I could take a better look at them. This is why I went to buy a squirrel house and feeder with my mum. I can now feed the squirrels and it is much easier to spot them in the backyard!