duvoplus Story

Training with Paco

Brecht Follet believes in the philosophy of ‘a healthy mind, in a healthy body’. He is a nurse at the UZ Ghent, and besides his work, he is also a triathlete and he loves animals. Because he believes that his philosophy also applies to his Jack Russel, Paco, he always brings him along when he trains.

Brecht lives on the edge of Ghent, and therefore he needs to cross many busy roads to reach his favourite running areas. Therefore, he wears a reflective jacket.

Paco jack russel
Jogging at sunrise is the best thing in the world

Only just avoided an accident

Because Paco almost got hit by a cyclist before when he led the way, Brecht decided that his Jack Russell should be visible at dawn as well. He was inspired by the SEEcurity product line by duvoplus, and since then they are able to exercise to their hearts’ content once again.