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Travelling with our loyal dog, Spike

Travelling together indeed strengthens the bond with your dog. This is the reason that Yannis (28) and Elke (27) decided to bring their dog Spike on their world trip...

I have had Spike since before I met Elke, he is truly my best friend. Elke has also become very attached to him, so it was obvious that we would take him along on our world trip. To bring Spike with us on the plane, we purchased the Bracco Transport box, which has been IATA certified. Therefore, bringing Spike along was not a problem.


Yannis en Spike
Spike likes to travel
Elke en Spike
Because we walk great distances through nature on hot days as well, we got Spike a Duvo+ drinking bottle for on the road. So Spike was able to drink whilst we were walking for miles, without spilling any water, which means no extra weight for us to carry. Every now and then, we also slept at campsites to save some money. This is why we also purchased a cable tie out for Spike as well, so he would not jump on other people at the campsite out of enthusiasm. Our trip with Spike was a wonderful experience, and in the future, travelling without him is not an option!