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“We missed the sound of hens clucking, so we broke up our courtyard!”

They don’t have tonnes of space in this residential area a stone’s throw from Sint-Pieters Station in Ghent. But that didn’t stop Mia, Toon and the children from keeping chickens!

“We used to live in the countryside, in the green belt around Brussels,” explains Toon. “But then I found my dream job in the centre of Ghent. However, that meant getting stuck in traffic jams or spending ages on the train every day. And since my wife also wanted to live closer to her family in East Flanders, we took the plunge and moved to Ghent.”


“Chickens give me this zen feeling, they reduce my waste mountain and they gives us delicious eggs... Three big benefits!”
Heerlijk eieren van onze kippen

Where there’s a will there’s a clucking

“It’s nice living here, in Ghent, but we did miss the nature and the sound of clucking,” Mia continues. “So we broke up the courtyard and sowed grass.” With one clear intention: to keep chickens, for company, for the eggs, and to take care of the kitchen waste. Although you certainly can’t give them everything. “For example, never potato peelings with green spots, or cabbage.”


Isn’t the courtyard too small?

“Is our little patch of green here too small to keep chickens? “No, not at all!” smiles Toon. “You need to allow 1-1.5 metres per hen for the run. So it’s fine for our three chickens. In addition, there’s our chicken coop, which isn’t too big but is certainly roomy enough, with three nesting boxes and perches. So there’s still enough space for some sun loungers, so you can stretch out and enjoy that clucking in the summer, right in the middle of the busy city!”