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Welcome to Mark and Christle’s insect hotel!

Everyone knows that honey bees are not doing well. But other wild and solitary insects are also having a hard time in our surroundings the past few years. More and more nature lovers therefore place an insect hotel in their backyard, as did Mark and Christle.

Because of urbanisation, many insects, such as a whopping 315 types of wild bees that fly about in Belgium, have trouble finding a shelter or nesting spot. And this is whilst they are critical for the pollination of the flora, Mark says. He and his wife Christle are members of Natuurpunt.

bij op gele bloem

Hotel opens its doors

To keep the biodiversity up, the couple decided to open an insect hotel in their backyard. These constructions are available in a number of varieties, they offer guest rooms for insects to hide during the winter, and to reproduce during summer, Christle explains.

The insects rarely sting, they only perform good work
bij op paarse bloem
bijtjes op gele bloem