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Welcome to my dark, cosy home

Welkom in mijn donker, knus tentje!

Sometimes, it seems as if Alain and Petra's cat, Maxime, has disappeared off the face of the earth. She is usually off having an adventure somewhere in their large garden. But sometimes she is to be found somewhere in the house, hidden away in a quiet corner, enjoying some peace or catching up on a few hours of sleep.

Alain and Petra live in a wonderful restored farm in rural Meetjesland, halfway between Ghent and Bruges. They have a large house with a big, tree-filled garden and lots of dark corners to hide away in. It is ideal territory for a cat like Maxime.

"Maxime often explores our big garden, but she's just as likely to be found having a snooze somewhere. That's what she's doing right now, in her very own cosy house!"
Welkom in mijn donker, knus tentje!

Disappeared into thin air!

"There have been a few times when our cat has seemed to disappear into thin air", says Petra. "But Alain and I are used to it. We know she's either on the rampage in the woods nearby or somewhere in our garden, having a great adventure. Or she's having a blissful snooze somewhere - cats are experts at that!"

Her own personalised home

Petra and Alain do not disapprove of either of these activities. "After all, cats will be cats. We even bought a cosy cube-shaped cat house <artikelnr.: 420400> with a lovely soft cushion inside, so that Maxime can snooze away to her heart's content, dreaming of... who knows? More sleeping, probably! I wouldn't mind being a cat myself!"