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What gift will you receive, Eveline? Macaw riddles

Christophe (30) and Eveline (29) are both nature lovers. Because of this, they decided to explore the unspoilt nature of French Guiana as their honeymoon after their wedding in 2007. They had a magical time that they will always remember. Amongst others, they saw capuchin monkeys, leatherback turtles, tapirs, capybaras, flamingos and black caimans. But one species stood out...

Christophe bought a yellow macaw for Eveline to remember their honeymoon as a first wedding anniversary present.


All we need now is a nice home for our new purchase

Christophe bought the largest parrot cage available with us, and made sure that the macaw would not get bored by attaching a gigantic toy carousel in it. But, he is also allowed to fly around indoors.


Christophe en vriendin
I instantly knew what the perfect gift for our first wedding anniversary was!
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