duvoplus Story

"What on earth would I do without my two sweet stalkers following me around?"

“Wat zou ik toch doen zonder m’n twee lieve stalkers?”
Pedro and Alfons are inseparable

In our modern society, many elderly people live lonely lives. Not Marianne, though. Her son visits regularly, and he gave her two mischievous dogs, Pedro and Alfons.

"When the children were still living at home, we loved having a dog. But when they left, we wanted to travel the world, so we stopped having pets", says Marianne. "Five years ago, my beloved husband passed away suddenly from a heart attack. I was deeply unhappy, and I lost the will to carry on."

"Pedro and Alfons wait patiently for me by the shop entrance while I'm doing my shopping. All the regular supermarket customers know them, and they often stop for a chat with us."
“Wat zou ik toch doen zonder m’n twee lieve stalkers?”
Playing together is great

A box-full of love

Marianne's son wanted to help his mother out, so he turned up one day with a box. "There were two puppies inside. At first, I thought "oh gosh, am I up to this?" But Alex persuaded me to give it a try. I wouldn't be without them, now. Of course, they can't replace my husband, but they do take the edge off my grief."

Happy to go everywhere together

Pedro and Alfons follow Marianne everywhere she goes. "Well, almost everywhere", she laughs. "I don't drive, so I walk everywhere, even to the shop. These two rascals come with me on their double leash and wait for me patiently outside. Everybody knows them and they get lots of attention!"