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Working to get in shape with my Labrador: great!

Daan, Petra and Eddy’s Labrador, is a very sociable dog. He prefers keeping his owners’ feet warm over walking around in the backyard. Petra on the other hand, has a job that at a bank that requires a lot of sitting down. She would like to work on getting in shape, and do the same for Daan at the same time.

I had this idea to go jogging for a while, but I was afraid of actually doing it. I was not in good shape, Petra says honestly. What I needed was proper guidance - which I found in an app. And I had a partner to motivate me.

labrador ligt neer
Daan is going to exercise

Walking with Daan

It seemed like a good idea to walk Daan, and to help him avoid becoming overweight in this manner. First, I visited the vet to ask for advice about what our Labrador can handle. This is obviously closely connected to health and age, but also the breed and build of the dog.

Safe on the road

Petra and Daan usually go for a jog and dusk. Both owner and dog make sure they are visible in traffic. For Daan, I bought a reflective jacket and flashing lead. The lead is rather short, but this keeps him from pulling and helps us run at the same pace, Petra laughs.

Petra al joggend
To keep things safe on the road, I trained Daan to know some basic commands first.
labrador loopt
labrador wilt wandelen
On the run with Daan