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Incredibly cute but oh-so-stubborn :)


Discover here fun tips
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Cats and laptops
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Welcome, little friend!

Let him discover
its new environment
and family in a calm
and gradual way.

kat krabpaal

Cats have
an instinctive
need to scratch.




Is your cat scratching
up your furniture?
wE have the solution!

kat slaap

Did you know…?   

in proportion to the    
rest of their bodies,    
cats have the biggest    
eyes of all mammals?    


populaire katten


The 3 most popular breeds
of cat in the world:

1. Persian cats
2. Maine coons
3. Siamese cats


Did you know...

Cats sleep for an average
of 16 hours a day.

kat speelt


Playing with your cat
- especially games which
stimulate their hunting
instinct - is important. 

Adorable cat toys

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