meisje en kip

Keeping farm animals
has never been more trending!

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Did you know…


Chickens with white earlobes lay
white eggs and chickens with
pink earlobes lay brown eggs


kippen en kinderen

Teach your children how to
look after your chickens and
gradually work on making your chickens tame. 

cloud eggs

Eggs-tremely delicious recipe!




Did you know…


Just like dogs and cats, rabbits
can learn to recognise their own
name. This will involve a certain
amount of time and patience :)

twee konijntjes met hooi


Did you know that rabbits are vegetarians? 

The benefits of hay


Did you know…

A rabbit's teeth keep growing their whole life. They grow around 2-3mm per week!

Did you know…

Temperature, light & accomodation can affect laying!

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