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Turn your garden into an animal-paradise
that is brimming with life!


lieveheersbeestje op bloem

Did you know that ladybirds can live to the age of 21?

And, in case you were wondering,
no - the number of spots doesn't tell you the age…

bij in insectenhuisje


Butterflies, bees, ladybirds, dragonflies - there's a place for everyone in our insect houses.

See them here

vogel die eet

Don't let the cats get the birds!

How do you avoid all the birds in your
garden becoming prey for your cat?

Protect the birds

vlinder op bloem

Did you know…?
Butterflies taste with their feet

Duvo+ stars orange

Did you know…?

80% of our plants
are pollinated by bees



Do not disturb! Hibernation!

Hedgehog house

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Follow us, more information
and facts will be available soon.

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